Powerful Financial Tracking For Construction

Supercharge your project profitability

Build Easy lets you monitor the financial performance of each project in real time.

Cloud based

Upgrade you existing workflows by eliminating pen and paper, and tedious spreadsheets. Ditch the filing cabinets and clipboards.


Build Easy works great on mobile, tablet and desktop. See your projects progress from your phone.

Easy to use

Designed to be used in the field and the office. Sync your field workers with your back office. Ideal for small to mid-sized companies.

Schedule a free demo. No credit card required.

Easily Capture Field Data

Use simple Daily Reports to capture a projects progress. Build Easy is easy to use and works great in the field.

  • Mobile Daily Reports
  • Digital Weekly Timesheets
  • Photo Uploads

Monitor Project Income

See your projects outstanding and collected income in real-time. Keep track of a projects profit margin during the job.

  • Monitor and track invoices
  • Create Change Orders
  • Generate Time and Material tags

Full visibility into Project Expenses

Keep up to date on your project costs. Easily see how much you're spending on labor, equipment, subcontractors and other vendors.

  • Real-time labor costs
  • Bills broken down by vendor
  • Hourly equipment expenses


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